Carin Kulb Dangot is a Brazilian painter and sculptor whose work crosses mediums and boundaries, expressing the life affirming sensations of desire, anticipation and satisfaction.

Dangot began her career as a food engineer, working in a chemistry lab in a cookie factory. She founded the company “Eat Chocolate” and went on to become a sought-after food designer for film and television, building set pieces such as spirals of ice cream and crispy tall french fries. She brings her love of mixing, melding and inventing new forms to the world of paint, color, volume and mass.

Her life-size hand-painted rhino sculpture was featured in MUBE, the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture, and travelled to ten cities, including Jundiaí, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, e João Pessoa. She has shown at the Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, Soho 20 and Augusta Savage Gallery, among other venues.  Most recently, Carin was selected to participate in the NYFA Immigrant Mentoring Program (2020).