Meditative are non-objective paintings inspired by a meditation breakthrough I experienced when I began to ‘see’ a fissure of light particles. I decided to make paintings surrounding my desire to further bypass mental blocks. Like the process of ascending during meditation whilst in flow, I composed my paintings to have distinct layers that relate to significant brain states during meditation: beta, alpha, delta, and theta. 
I begin with a color background, working on unique sets of colors available to me, challenging all forethought of what it will inevitably look like. When I paint for hours, I lose track of my surroundings; the background starts to melt and dilute under the new layers. Eventually, I lose my original motivation and am feeling through the painting. I add white amorphous cells, energy centers with their own lives. These cells compose and find a natural order. When the background integrates with the foreground, the painting becomes more expansive, a point of departure as if to suggest there's more beyond the perimeters of the canvas.
*Catalog available on request