As an artist, I experience a visceral pleasure from the media in excess. When painting, I push, pull, layer, and mix mounds of paint into new compositional and topographic scenarios- an intuitive process easy to get lost in. At times the work flirts between three and two-dimensional art, exceeding further into space. Inevitably, the painting transcends my expectations and forms an authentic identity of its own.

In the Villa series, The lyrics of Brazilian song “Vilarejo” by Marisa Monte inspires a utopian vision of a place elsewhere where time is still and everything coexists. Using leftover paint, I am relieved of preconceived notions, allowing myself to play with color combinations I originally would not use together. This process-oriented series not only allows for playful exploration but also reveals a spectrum of unexpected hues as I delve deeper into the layers.

*Catalog available on request